A World of Opportunities

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Welcome to Languages, Literatures and Cultures at CSU!

It’s no secret that knowing other languages opens doors to a world of opportunities. We are a thriving department that offers undergraduate instruction in 10 languages, major concentrations in French, German and Spanish and Master’s programs with a focus on Spanish and French. The department educates approximately 225 undergraduate majors, 600 minors and 20 graduate students. Read about our offerings on our academics page.

In October 2015 we changed our department name in order to highlight our focus on cultures and remove the word ‘foreign.’

We are proud of our diverse faculty: our four dozen professors and instructors hail from 20 countries and 5 continents. All hold Doctoral or Master’s degrees and many have been recognized with awards for excellence in teaching, research and service. Our faculty have published numerous books and articles in fields such as literature, second language acquisition, linguistics, translation, culture and cinema. Two of our faculty members are also internationally recognized creative writers; others have directed plays.

LLC students have many options for education abroad and internships. There are summer, semester and year-long programs, options for winter and spring breaks. There are faculty-led, CSU sponsored and affiliated programs, and you can find options for every budget and around the globe. Some of our students go abroad to multiple destinations. Advisors are available to help you choose, plan and transfer credits. Also visit our scholarship page for financial assistance at home or abroad.

CSU students recognize that a degree in Languages, Literatures and Cultures provides them with a world of opportunities. They gain the ability to communicate in another tongue but also to analyze literary texts and films, to understand the workings of language, to appreciate diversity and to interact successfully across cultures. Employers also recognize the skills and values that LLAC graduates bring with them to the job.

Our alumni are employed in a variety of sectors that include teaching (preschool through university), translation and interpretation, medicine, business, banking, real estate and technology. Some live and work in Colorado, while others are working or continuing their education in places around the world.

We would not be where we are without support from alumni, community members, current and emeritus faculty, scholarship donors and other benefactors. We thank you for all you do for LLAC! You can make a difference by donating through our Give page.

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