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Why French?

French is spoken by 125 million people and is the 1st and 2nd language in 49 countries. It is also the 3rd most second language learned in the world. It is truly a strong professional and cultural language to work or travel abroad or even within the U.S. with over 4,600 French companies conducting business in this country. Canada is also the 1st US export partner and the 2nd US import partner of the U.S.A.

French, along with English, is the official working language of The European Union, The United Nations, UNESCO, NATO, and the International Olympic Committee. The French economy is among the strongest in the world. France is very advanced in science and technology and also plays an international role in medicine. France is the top worldwide tourist destination. France is intertwined with American history, while French culture, literature, arts, and philosophy continue to influence the US. Many graduate schools require knowledge of a second language, and French is considered very valuable in all fields. Additionally, the Peace Corps gives priority to French speakers.

Why us?

We offer a comprehensive range of undergraduate and graduate courses in language, French and Francophone literature, culture, linguistics and French for specific purposes (Business, Translation). The Department awards a B.A., a Minor, a Teacher licensure and an Master’s in French.

The French program features faculty with specializations in applied linguistics, language pedagogy, and Francophone Cultures and Literatures. Course offerings include a wide range of language classes, classes in linguistics, translation, and French and Francophone literatures and cultures.

Students can practice their French in class, at the regular French Club meetings and our many study abroad programs. And get in touch with the latest research findings at the Departmental Lecture Series, the Graduate Showcase and other events on campus. Students engage with the community through volunteering at Global Village Academy and with the World Languages Story time sponsored by the Poudre River Public Library District and internships at local organizations.

CSU also offers summer, semester, and year-long exchanges to France and Francophone countries and also sponsors a summer internship in Bénin, West Africa.

Graduate Certificate in Linguistics & Literary Studies – French