Undergraduate Program in Arabic

At the undergraduate level, students can pursue an interdisciplinary minor in Arabic Studies. The program is designed to give students a comprehensive knowledge of different aspects of Arabic language, culture, history, and artistic expression, according to the students’ interests. The program requires a minimum of 21 credits. Credits from study abroad programs will be properly evaluated as part of the overall program. A grade of C or better is required in each course that will count toward the interdisciplinary minor.


Lower Division Language: 8-18
LARA 100 First-Year Arabic I

LARA 101 First-Year Arabic II

LARA 200 Second-Year Arabic I

LARA 201 Second-Year Arabic II

Lower Division Electives: 0-9
HIST 115 The Islamic World: Late Antiquity to 1500

PHIL 172  Religions of the East

LARA 250 Arabic Language, Literature, Culture in Translation

Upper-division Electives: 12
HIST 303 Hellenistic World: Alexander to Cleopatra

HIST 308 Ancient Christianity to 500 A.D.

HIST 421 Africa: Colonialism to Independence

HIST 422 Modern Africa

HIST 430 Ancient Near East

HIST 431 Ancient Israel

HIST 432 Sacred History in the Bible and the Qur’an

HIST 433 Muhammad and the Origins of Islam

HIST 435 Jihad and Reform in Islamic History

HIST 438 The Modern Middle East

HIST 469 The Crusades

LARA 300 Third Year Arabic

LARA 301 Oral Arabic Communication

POLS 449 Middle East Politics

PHIL 335 Islam: Cosmology and Practice

PHIL 379 Mysticism East and West

PHIL 455 Islamic Philosophy

Program Total Credits: 21

Please contact Prof. Mohammed Hirchi at, Clark C111, for more information.