Colleen McKee


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    • Spanish
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    • Languages, Literatures and Culture


Colleen McKee graduated from the Colorado State University in 2005 with a Master's Degree in Languages, Cultures and Literatures with a concentration in Spanish. As a teacher, she strives to develop language proficiency through authentic resources and activities and real-life assessments. She taught English in Puebla, Mexico for a year and has made multiple trips to Spain. In the classroom, she is particularly interested in exploring rites of passage, immigration histories, cultural practices, and artistic expressions of all kinds.



Master's Thesis:

Thesis: La resistencia, la esperanza y la transformación del espacio público en la crónica de Carlos Monsiváis (Resistance, Hope, and Transformation of Public Space in the Cronicles of Carlos Monsiváis) 


  • LSPA300 Online

    Development of reading and writing proficiency through an in-depth examination of contemporary writing.