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College of Liberal Arts Magazine

Stories from the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures can be found in the new College of Liberal Arts magazine:  from our name change to the new study abroad program hiking the Camino de Santiago in Spain, stories about students, research about beer, and our new faculty.    

November 2015: Open House

The department will host an open house from 3 to 5 p.m. on Nov. 4 in its new renovated conference room, Clark C-101. Students, faculty and staff from other departments are invited to attend the event, which will feature refreshments and activities.

Mystical Abyss Mesmerizes Audiences

By Dustin Begay and Mako BeeckenPart dance, part theater, part CGI animation, Mystical Abyss is a visually striking live performance piece. It brings together ancient stories and legends from Japanese Jomon culture and Native American creation myths, focusing on the cyclical story of death and rebirth, and set to the music of John O’Keefe. In […]

September 2015: Mystical Abyss — Lecture and Demonstration

                                                          See beautiful photographs of the event here. Part dance, part theatre, part CG animation, Mystical Abyss is a visually striking live performance piece infused with the […]

CSU Students Win Japanese Speech Contest

The 29th Colorado/Wyoming Japanese Speech Contest was held at the Colorado Convention Center on Saturday, November 7th.

CSU was very well represented and students did a superb job as always.  This year first time in many years, LJPN105 students participated in the skit category.

Here are the results:

Skit Category: 3rd place.

Category II: 1st and 5th

Category III: 1st

Contestants in Category IV, V and Heritage were all CSU students, one in each category.

They all received the Award for Excellence because their speeches were excellent.

CSU students impressed everyone in audience with their speech quality, topic and delivery. All I heard was from everyone was “CSU is awesome!!!”