• Russia

Why Russian?

  1. Russian combines well with many other disciplines. Business and Russian would open up the world of business opportunities; Biology and Russian would allow you to study unique places like lake Baikal or Vasuygan Swamp, largest in the northern hemisphere. You can consult in your field of study including marketing, advertising, aerospace, and computer engineering.
  2. Speaking Russian opens a door to a better career. It gives you a professional edge and proves your intellect. With the knowledge of Russian and Russian culture you can work in business for American and Russian companies, work for non-governmental organizations or for media. More and more companies seeking qualified employees who can speak and write in Russian.
  3. Russian is a language with a rich cultural heritage, the culture of Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Chaikovsky, Rachmaninov, etc. Russian language also ranks with English and Chinese as one of the three most significant world languages as 28% of the world’s scientific literature is produced in Russian.
  4. Russian is the key that opens up one of the most important economic, political, and cultural areas of the world. It opens up the largest country of the world and one of the largest produces of natural gas and oil in the world.
  5. Simply because you want to! Imagine walking down the streets of Saint-Petersburg on one of the white nights, wandering around royal palaces or crossing the snowy Red Square on your way to one of the local cafes to meet your Russian friends.

Why Us?

At Colorado State University we know that the reasons for studying Russian language and culture are as unique and diverse as you are. As regions of the former Soviet Union spread their political and economic wings, the number and variety of career paths available to students of Russian language and culture is constantly expanding. On any given day, in fact, you can find dozens of nurses, farmers, business professionals, artists, teachers, construction workers, funeral parlor owners, adoption workers, missionaries, entertainment entourages, athletes and school children traveling between the US and the countries of the former Soviet Union.

Stop waiting to learn Russian! Get started this semester!