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Top 10 Reasons Why YOU Should Take American Sign Language


  1. Application– Are you interested in child development?  As a career or in your own family?  ASL gives children language, a way to communicate before they can express themselves verbally.
  2. Cognitive benefits– ASL uses a different part of your brain and increases synaptic connections. Bi-modal bi-lingual competencies (google it!) enriches and enhances cognitive processes, higher abstract and creative thinking and MORE!  This is your brain on ASL…


  1. Cultural awareness– There is a fascinating Deaf culture!  The general public is unaware of the richness of Deaf culture and history. Promote cross cultural understanding in YOUR community!
  2. Diversity– TEN percent of Americans are Deaf and Hard of hearing- with your ASL skills,  you can communicate with those 28+ million people.
  3. FUN–Sign with mouth full, teach your friends ASL- tell secrets in public, communicate underwater and through windows!
  4. Human connection– The 4th most non-English used language in the United States!  Join the Deaf education revolution that connects two groups of people.
  5. Improves (all) communication and listening skills– ASL is the 4th most studied modern/foreign language at colleges and universities in the U.S. according the Modern Language Association-it’s easily the fastest growing language offered at colleges nationwide.   ASL improves receptive abilities visually, and incorporates kinesthetic expressive language skills.
  6. It’s Poetic– ASL is a beautiful visually creative language…See the results of one CSU’s student’s project!
  7. Language acquisition– By exposing your child to sign language as an infant, the National Institute of Health states that by age 8 your child will display up to 12 IQ points higher than non-learners of sign!
  8. Marketability– Conversational in ASL-excellent skill to mention on your resume!