LLC Language Clubs provide students and community members with an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas, plan cultural events, and engage in community service, all while gaining invaluable exposure to the languages and cultures they love.

We have clubs for all our languages, and we offer a low anxiety, informal environment where language speakers of all levels intermingle and enjoy a variety of activities.

Our clubs have one overarching goal: to help promote the beauty, intriguing mystery, intelligence, fun, and interesting aspects of all languages.


The Cercle français is our student-run French Club, with a very active agenda. Check out the list of activities from conversation groups, to movie or game nights, cultural presentations, concerts, restaurant outings, cooking classes, and more. We are also proud to support the Muanjadi Organization through our bake sales, to help sponsor young girls in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to attend school.

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The purpose of the German Club at Colorado State University is to provide students and community members, with an interest in the German language and culture, an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas.


An informal gathering of students, faculty, and community members, who would like to speak and/ or listen to German! It takes place Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm at Wild Boar Coffee, located on the corner of Lake St. and College Ave.

Testimonial from David and Jenna Turchi:

“Jenna and I met in a German class at CSU in 2012, and we were married six years later! Classes through the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures were consistently both of our favorites. Language professors would always go above and beyond to ensure we were doing our best, and it was clear they really cared about their students. From personal experience, the Russian and German programs at CSU - and the instructors that comprise them - are exceptional.

(*Actual results may vary. We can’t guarantee that you’ll find your future spouse in a language class, but you never know!)”

Spanish Club

Are you looking to meet other Spanish speakers and learners?   Do you want to learn tips for traveling in Spanish-speaking countries?   Are you interested in cultural topics like music, art, and architecture?

Join us!  All levels are welcome!

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Russian club meets regularly during the semester for some interesting activities. We go try Russian cuisine, see real nesting dolls and shop for authentic Russian food.

We also get together for a good Russian movie and a discussion! The movies represent the best of the best cinematography of Russia. All movies are in Russian with English subtitles. Admission is free.

Please feel free to join Russian club on Instagram for the important announcements, latest news, and fun pictures. You can also join our GroupMe Chat.

Russian Club Upcoming Events

Japan Club


The Japanese club provides both students and non-students an opportunity to experience a little bit of traditional and modern Japanese culture.

We also try and provide help for the Japanese-learning students, as well as maintaining good relations with native Japanese-speaking students to help create a friendly learning environment for all.

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2022 Officers:

President - Leah McGill
VP - Xavier Burk
Treasurer - Lindsey Harelson
Secretary - Brianna Honeycutt
SM - Catie Koenen
Outreach - Eden Irrgang

Meetings are once or twice a month (depending on the need) on Wednesdays at 6:30pm.

Activities are designed to provide a supportive environment to practice sign language and learn more about Deaf culture and the ASL community.  Activities are offered both on and off campus, some activities are in cooperation with Deaf hosted events.

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Chinese Language Club is comprised of students who are actively trying to spread the appreciation and understanding of Chinese culture around the CSU community. We strive to bring fun and engaging programming throughout the semester centered around Chinese language and culture, history, and diversity. Everyone is welcome.


Contact Information

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