Why Study a Language?

The study of languages connects you with our shared human experience across borders often lost in translation.

Language learning promotes dialogue, encourages tolerance and adaptability, and stimulates social change.

Learning a second language also makes you more competitive on the global marketplace.

In Languages, Literatures, and Cultures  we offer undergraduate and graduate courses in nearly a dozen languages, including American Sign Language, Arabic, Korean, and Latin. The department awards a BA in Spanish, German, and French. We also offer Minors in Japanese, Chinese, Russian, and Italian, among others.


Group of students in rowing boat


Our MA in Spanish allows graduate students to learn from scholars who produce innovative work that is critically minded and theoretically driven, and links different disciplines and fields of knowledge.

Language as a

Many students across campus choose to supplement their primary major with one of our minors, thus diversifying their dossier for jobs in government, education, business, international work and many other professions.


in Teaching

Students wishing to pursue a career in teaching language may complete a teacher licensure to become certified K-12 teachers of the language in the state of Colorado.