As you increase your global fluency and gain intercultural citizenship, you will make personal connections that can last a lifetime.

You will grow personally as well as academically by gaining communication skills, self-confidence, and cultural insights.

This will enrich your profile and distinguish you from your peers for future employment.


Take your language skills to the next level by pursuing a program in Education Abroad.

Develop your language skills through EA programs in France, Mexico, Germany, and Korea, among many others. We also offer faculty led programs to Spain to study the Camino de Santiago and to Japan to explore modern and traditional Japanese culture.

LLC Internships

CSU partners with organizations around the world to provide unique opportunities for students during their time abroad. For more information on LLC internships, and on internships in general, click the links above.

Fruit Stand in French territory


Myers says “Growing up half-Japanese living in the United States, I’ve always felt a disconnect throughout my life with my cultural identity. I started studying Japanese at CSU to both communicate more effectively with my family and to learn more about Japanese culture.” Her Japanese instructor, Mako Beecken informed her about this project and encouraged her to apply.


Little did Charlie Vest know that when he first signed up for a Chinese course, he was setting his feet on a path that he “would have never expected”. Hear his story about how he ended up living in China.