Associate Professor of Spanish



I have been at Colorado State University since August 1999. I am currently an  Assistant Professor of Spanish. A native of Parral, Chihuahua , Mexico, I received my Ph.D. in 20th Century Spanish American Literature from Texas Tech University in 1987. My many areas of interest include: contemporary Spanish American prose, issues in culture, translation and interpreting, as well as the teaching of reading and writing skills. I have also worked extensively as a translator for the Department of Justice and other organizations.

I am also the co-director of the 2nd and 3rd year language program as well as the Language and Culture Studies Center director.




  • LSPA 300-004: Reading and Writing for Communication – Spanish


    Development of reading and writing proficiency through an in-depth examination of contemporary writing.
    Placement exam can allow bypassing of LSPA 201. (The placement exam does not give credit.) A score of 4 on the AP will give credit for LSPA 200 and LSPA 201.

  • LSPA 200-005: Intermediate Spanish II


    LSPA200 is a student-centered, activities-driven class conducted in Spanish. By the end of the semester students will develop their proficiency in Spanish at the intermediate low level (ACTFL Standards). Students will also improve their 4 skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking) while practicing communicative tasks. Pre-requisite LSPA 200, Score of 3 on AP or with the CSU placement exam

  • LSPA 400-005 – Advanced Communication Skills in Spanish


    Drop in Hours via Teams – Hours Wednesdays 2:30-4:00 I will be available for informal conversations about pesky questions that come up in teaching, and while I won’t provide Official Answers to procedure or policy questions, I will be happy to brainstorm with you to see if we can find an answer.

  • Open Door Pedagogy Network