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  • Position:

    • Instructor
  • Concentration:

    • Arabic
  • Department:

    • Languages, Literatures and Culture
  • Education:

    • Master degree in SAHE and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering


Hosam Ahmad has over seven years of experience teaching Arabic Language as an adjunct faculty in the Department of Foreign Language and Literature. He also works as Assistant Director for Apartment Life at Colorado State University. He supervised and worked with avery diverse population including many Arabic speaking students. He initiated the Intercultural Connection Community (ICC) in Apartment Life in the fall of 2003. The ICC promote intercultural sensitivity and global awareness. Hosamhas been a student leader, a mentor for International and US students, and an intercultural educator. Hosam has a broad knowledge and experience of the Arabic language, literature, history, and culture.Hosam initiated special training for employees at CSU to understand the flux of students from Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. He contributed in the design and implementationof intercultural training modules for theentire campus. He is certified to administer the Intercultural Development Inventory IDI He holds a Master Degree in Student Affairs in Higher Education (SAHE) and a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Colorado State University. Hosam is very passionate about the Arabic language and culture and he loves teaching, interacting with diverse students and help studentsdevelop their world view through language and intercultural education.



  • LARA 105


    Beginner arabic 1: To learn the Arabic alphabets and be able to read, write, construct basic grammar, learn and use vocabularies, and comprehension of short paragraphs. Text books used are all lessons from “Alif Baa” and Lessons 1-6 from “Alkitaab” 3rd edition.

  • LARA 107


    Beginner Arabic 2: Contiune using “Alkitaab” text book lessons 7-13. Student will be able to read, comprehend, speak, and write short paragraphs expressing varies ideas and thoughts.

  • LARA 201

    Intermediate Arabic: Continue using Alkitaab text book lessons 15-20.