Associate Professor of Spanish



Maite Correa is associate professor of Applied Linguistics and Spanish Linguistics in the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures at Colorado State University. She teaches foreign language teaching methodology, introduction to Hispanic linguistics and phonetics and phonology, among other courses. She has published on educational linguistics, academic integrity, critical pedagogies and heritage language learning.


  • HONR292 (Fall) – Knowing in Arts and Humanities

    Linguists agree that all languages and dialects follow consistent grammatical patterns and that no language/dialect is inherently better than any other. Among other questions we will discuss the following: What does it mean to know language? How did language come about? Does language shape the mind? Does your language determine how you construe reality? What’s the difference between human language and the communication systems of other animals? Are all languages equally complex? Are some more logical or more beautiful than others? Is there such a thing as a primitive language? Do some people speak more grammatically than others? Is the English language undergoing a process of decay? Do Inuit languages have hundreds of words for snow? Why can children acquire language with no explicit instruction, while they have to be taught to do much simpler tasks, such as tie their shoes or add and subtract?

  • LSPA312 (Spring)