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    Photo by Roger Nelson, CC

Why Spanish?

Spanish is one of the world’s most spoken languages—with about 500 million speakers. It is spoken in 44 countries, and the official language of 20 countries. In 2015, the US became the second-largest Spanish-speaking country and is projected to become the first by 2050. The Spanish-speaking world boasts diverse cultures and literatures, from masterpieces of art, Nobel prize winning novelists and a rich popular culture. The mixing of different cultures, brought about by the violence of colonialism, makes the cultures and histories of Latin American countries and Spain, a fascinating and complex area of study: from the Roman and Arabic influences on the Iberian peninsula to the different indigenous, African, and European cultures in the Americas.

Why Us?

Our minors, majors and master's program in Languages, Literatures and Cultures (Spanish) as well as the interdepartmental minor in Latin American Studies allow students to immerse themselves in the Spanish language and its cultures and literatures. The degree prepares students for careers in education, media, the economy, the government, the nonprofit sector and international work. See what our alumni are doing.

The Spanish program features faculty with specializations in applied and theoretical linguistics, language pedagogy, translation, peninsular Golden Age theater and poetry, colonial literature and contemporary Spain and Latin America, especially the literatures and cultures of Mexico, the Caribbean, the Southern Cone, and Central America. Course offerings include a wide range of language classes, classes in linguistics, translation, Latin American literatures and cultures, Peninsular literatures and cultures and Transatlantic studies. New courses are added every semester.

Students can practice their Spanish in class, at the regular Spanish Club meetings, El Centro, and our many study abroad programs. And get in touch with the latest research findings at the Departmental Lecture Series, the Graduate Showcase and other events on campus. Students engage with the community through the Bilingual Storytime in cooperation with Poudre River Public Library District and internships at local organizations.

Graduate Certificate in Linguistics & Literary Studies – Spanish