Announcing a one-time only $10,000 Scholarship to Study in Spain. Calling all Department of Foreign Languages and Literature majors, minors & graduate students!
Want to study in Spain, but don’t have the money?
The Matthew P. Shoup Spain Study Abroad Scholarship can make your dream a reality.

Who can apply?
Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures majors, minors, or graduate students
Students enrolled in or accepted in a CSU approved Study Abroad program in Spain for the first time are eligible
Students with demonstrated financial need as established by the Office of Student Financial
Services of Colorado State University
Students who maintain a cumulative 2.75 GPA at CSU and a 3.0 GPA in Spanish classes

How to apply
Step 1: Go to and sign in with your CSU eID.
Step 2: Complete and submit a general application
Step 3: Apply specifically to the Matthew P. Shoup Spain Study Abroad Scholarship
This steps requires that you answer opportunity-specific questions about your intent and
interest in studying in Spain.

Application Deadline
Friday, September 18

Is there any requirement for the length of study?
Can the period of study include summer, or only Spring semester?
Can students apply for the funds ‘retroactively’, that is, if they’ve already started studying in Spain this fall?
Email questions to College of Liberal Arts Scholarship Coordinator Carol Busch

Photo credit: Lim Kim Keog, Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike Unported 3.0