CSU French Professor Kicks off Fort Collin’s First Ever Francophone Africa Festival

What does the word “French” conjure up in your mind? Paris or Marseille? The Louvre Museum or Notre Dame? Who do you see when you think of “French”? Where are they from?  Nearly 300 million people in the world speak French and although 67 million live in France, 96 million live in Africa.  Those 96 […]

Arabic for everyone – why my language is taboo in France

On October 12th, Colorado State University’s Language, Literature, and Culture department and the CSU French Club are excited to announce a lecture by journalist Nabil Wakim. In this lecture, Wakim will be diving into the taboo surrounding Arabic in France. This lecture is open to the public, but will be primarily spoken in French.  Can’t […]

Le Cercle Français Research Opportunity

Le Cercle Français is looking for volunteers to participate in a study about French vowel pronunciation and acquisition.  Volunteering would require about 20-30 minutes of your time and would take the form of gathering audio recording samples of your voice in a sound-attenuated room on campus.  The requirements for this voluntary study are: Americans who […]

Article in Source: CSU prepared alumna for Paris — and brewery engineering

When Allison Martz was a young girl, her mother used to speak French to her. Her mom passed away when Martz was 11 years old, so when she got the chance to study French at Colorado State University and visit Paris in an education abroad program, it was especially meaningful. Martz in front of the […]

Article in The Collegian: Languages, Literature and Cultures alumni use language skills working abroad

Picking everything up and leaving to work in a new country is the dream for some, but others have been able to achieve a job working abroad after graduating from Colorado State University having studied another language. Two CSU alumni are working abroad and having experiences interacting with different cultures that makes up their daily […]