This year the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures celebrates for the first time the International Translation Day with two talks on translation by exceptional guest speakers: Geoff Norby and Corinne McKay. These two local professional translators will share with us their experiences on different fields of the professional translation world.

On October 7 at 4pm in Clark A 207

Geoff Norby is the owner of Global Accent Translation Agency in Fort Collins. His talk will deal with the different aspects of working in the translation industry as an employee of a linguistic agency. He will discuss the various industries which rely on translation, the importance of quality controls and expectations that international clients often have, and the valuable relationship that the agency has with the professional linguists working for it.

Corinne McKay is a freelance translator with a wide experience based at Boulder City. In her talk, she will give an overview of life as a freelance translator (getting started, potential clients) and talk specifically about two recent projects: the translation of a memoir written by a sherpa in the 1950s and her international development work for public health projects in West Africa.

Come celebrate translation with us!