Senior Instructor



BA, Journalism, Taiwan

MA, Mass Communication, University of Minnesota

Chuchang Chiu grew up in Taiwan and received a B.A. in Journalism from the best journalism institution in Taiwan. Her interest in Chinese writing and literature provides her a solid foundation as a Chinese language teacher and an expert in Chinese culture.

Chuchang's graduate study focused on Mass Communication. She received a M.A. from the University of Minnesota. She has many years of experience teaching undergraduate students and people from the community. Chuchang taught at Colorado College and Foreign Language Center in Colorado Springs in the '80s and held various positions at Hewlett Packard in Oregon in the '90s.

Chuchang has been teaching all levels of Chinese courses at CSU since 2003. She is also the advisor of the Chinese Club.

Chuchang's main interests other than teaching are reading and travel. She has been a book club member for the last 20 years. Her family lived in Singapore for three years in the late '90s and visited a dozen countries during those three years.

Quite a few of Chuchang's students continue their Chinese study in Taiwan and China . Chuchang always asks her students "1.3 billion people speak Chinese, how about you?" It is rewarding to see more people interested in Chinese language and culture.