The 15th Annual Diversity Symposium will be held Sept 23-25 in the Lory Student Center. The symposium has grown tremendously since the first single-day “Diversity Summit” that took place more than 11 years ago. This year sessions are focused on trending diversity topics in higher education, with special attention focused on topics directly relating to diversity initiatives at Colorado State. Inspired by CSU’s land-grant heritage, Colorado State University is committed to excellence in inclusion and access, benefitting the citizens of Colorado, The United States and the world.  The Diversity Symposium provides a forum for us all to engage in this mission.  It is a chance to broaden perspectives, talk to experts and celebrate our similarities and our differences.

Several faculty members of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures will participate with presentations and talks in the Symposium.

Two talks on Friday, September 25: 9:15-10:15am at the Lory Student Center 328-330:

“Gastro-Diversity: Alcohol and Haute Cuisine in a Global Hispanic World”

Often the first indication of diversity develops at the moment when we are invited to try a new food or taste a new drink. In our panel, we will invite participants to consider “gastro-diversity” by exploring two case studies.

Jonathan Carlyon: “Pre-Roman beer in the Iberian Peninsula.” The paper explores how the fermented drink of the ancient Celts and Iberians, Caelia, was summarily disregarded when Roman wine entered the peninsula.

Fernando Valerio Holguín “Colorado Cuisine: From Traditional Food to Porno-Molecular Gastronomy.”
The paper points to how the traditional Coloradoan cuisine, a mixture of tastes including Native, Mexican and Spanish, has been transformed recently into a new concept that combines all former influences, while fetishising the superficial.