Picture of Student in Japan

Adding a Japanese Minor to my undergraduate studies at CSU has had a profound impact on my early career path. With a study abroad in Nagasaki and a second trip to Kagawa lead by Beeken Sensei for further credit, I became serious about a career track that could lead me to work in Japan. Graduating in 2015 with a major in Computer Information Systems opened doors, but most interviewers were particularly intrigued by the Japanese Minor. After extensive interviewing, I accepted an offer from Oracle as a Technical Support Engineer. I made it well known early on that I was interested in pursuing an internal transfer to Japan, and during my first 18 months with Oracle, continued to study Japanese daily and managed to pass the JLPT N2. Shortly after passing the N2, I applied to an opening at the Tokyo office, went through several interviews and entrance exams, after which Oracle officially approved my transfer to their Tokyo office where I now work and live. I still keep up on my Japanese studies, in fact, last month I passed the N1.

To be sure, this track was one I pursued and advanced after graduation, however, the CSU Japanese Minor program set the foundation for what followed and added so much to my education experience.